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  • Material: High TG FR4, Halogen free FR4, High-Speed FR4, PI (polyimide), PET, Aluminum, Copper, Alumina Ceramic, Special alloys, Microwave & RF, PTFE+FR4 hybrid, Ceramic+FR4 Hybrid
  • Layer Count: 1-100 layers for Prototypes
  • Controlled impedance as low as 5%
  • Copper thickness(oz):1/3oz to 20oz
  • Blind and buried vias, via in pad, stacked vias, staggered vias
  • Technologies: Backplane, back drill, countersink holes

What is Considered a Quick Turn for Printed Circuit Boards?

Quick turn PCBs are circuit boards that can be manufactured and delivered to the customer in a much shorter time than standard PCBs. They are often used for quick-Turn PCB prototyping, allowing engineers to quickly test and refine their designs without significant delays.

Viasion is a trusted fast turn printed circuit board manufacturers in China who specializes in protoyotpyes and small to medium-volume fast PCB manufacturing.

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    • With advanced production technology, a mature manufacturing process, perfect production equipment and strict quality management and process control, Viasion provides our customers with high-performance and reliable quick turn PCB fabrication.
    • Our engineers have a good level of professional and technical knowledge and rich practical experience in the PCB industry, which enable us to provide a high level of fast turn PCB board to our customers.
    • We listen to the details of each customer's needs and provide an ideal solution, which constantly leads to successful cooperation between both parties.

    What Are the Factors that Affect the Delivery Time of Quick Turn PCB?

    The following factors impact on the delivery time of quick turn PCB fabrication.

    PCB manufacturer's process capability


    Material procurement


    The manufacturing complexity of the circuit board


    Special process requirements


    Quality control and planning


    Logistics and transportation

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As mentioned above, Quick turn PCBs are printed circuit boards (PCBs) that can be manufactured and delivered to the customer in a much shorter time than standard PCBs. Viasion is a trustworthy quick turn PCB manufacturer who can delivery quick Turn PCB Prototypes in 24 hours.

    Time savings are the most critical advantages of quick turn PCB fabrication. In some cases, customer need a quick turn PCB manufacturing in a very short time to meet their fast turn circuit board assembly schedule. Then you can count on us to deliver your circuit boards in time.

    1. Quick-turn PCBs have limitation in order quality, usually from 1 piece to 100 pieces normally.
    2. The price for ast turn PCB production is more expensive than normal lead time circuit board manufacturing;
    3. Quick-turn PCBs are more prone to errors due to their accelerated production time.

    There are many kinds of materials used in fast turn PCBs. For example, FR-4 materials are the most commonly used in them.

    The lead time for quick-turn PCBs takes less than one week. The specific lead time is determined on a case-by-case basis. We can finish quick turn PCB prototypes in 24 hours if needed.

    We can produce wide aspects of fast turnaround PCB, including: quick turn rigid PCB, quick turn flex PCBs, fast turn custom PCB, fast turn rigid flex PCB, fast turn PCB prototype, and quick turn PCB assembly.

    Yes, beside quick turn PCB fabrication, we we also supply fast turn printed circuit board assembly. Ultilizing our strong purchasing, engineering and production team, we can finish turnkey PCB assembly in 1 week.