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We fully understand quality is the foundation of a company for long term   existing and developing, so quality always comes first for us. Our factories   have gained ISO 9001 and UL certifications (E358677), and we are continuously   investing more equipment and staff to improve the quality. The following   reliability tests will be implemented to make sure high levels of reliability.

  • 100% Electrical Test and AOI inspections

  • 100% Visual Inspection(including warp & twist check)

  • Dimensional Inspection (finished hole sizes, PCB profiles, etc)

  • Microsection

  • Solderability Test (245±5℃; 3-5 sec)

  • Thermal Test (288±5℃; 10 sec. inspect delamination, etc)

  • Tape Test (adhesion test)

  • Peel Test (conductor peel strength)

  • Impedance Test

  • Ionic Contamination Test

Quality, we think it not only means the quality of the products, but also   means the service quality, such as on time delivery, quick response etc. So, on   the one hand, we have bought more equipment to inspect our PCBs to avoid   defective boards shipped out, on the other hand, we use more staff to plan and   follow the products, and reply customers quickly for RFQ, feedbacks on quality,   price etc.

We hope we can be PARTNERS of our customers, rather than only SUPPLIER.

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