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Production Capabilities
Layer counts: 2-24 Layers
Maximum size: 550x1060mm
Board outline tolerance: ±0.10mm
Board thickness: 0.1-6.0mm
Thickness tolerance: ( t ≥0.8mm) ±8%
Thickness tolerance: ( t <0.8mm) ±10%
Out layer copper thickness :1 oz -15 oz
Inner layer copper thickness: 1/2 oz -10oz
Minimum line/ space: 0.075mm
Minimum finished hole: (mechanical) 0.15mm
Minimum finished hole: (laser) 0.1mm
Aspect ratio:16:1
Impedance control tolerance: ±10%
Bow and twist: Max. 0.7%
HDI stack up: 1+N+1,2+N+2,1+1+N+1+1,3+N+3
Microvia & ELIC technology

Flowcharts for Rigid PCB

2 layer FR4 with control depth routing and v-groove

2 layer FR4 with heavy
copper: 350 micron
copper on both layers

6 layer FR4 with ENIG
finish made by halogen
free FR4 material
8 layer PCB with hard
gold connectors (30-50u’’
gold, 150-200u’’ nickel)
and BGA
10 layer PCB made by
TG170 material, with
BGA and solder mask
plugged vias, with
controlled impedance
12 layer PCB made by
TG 180 FR4 material,
immersion silver finish,
non-conductive epoxy
filled vias
16 layer PCB with 2oz
copper, 4.0mm thickness
24 layer FR4 with blind
via at layer 1-2, 23-24,
and complicated BGA
8 layer HDI PCB, blind
via: Layer 1-2, 7-8, buried
via: 2-7, PTH: 1-8.
8 layer HDI PCB, blind
micro via: Layer 1-2, 2-3,
7-8, 6-7, buried via: layer
3-6, 2-7, PTH: 1-8
12 layer HDI PCB, with
blind micro via: layer 1-2,
11-12, buried via: layer 2-11.
8 layer PCBs with
staggered micro blind
via at layer 1-2, 2-3, 3-4
1 layer copper based
PCB with OSP finish
2 layer aluminum PCB
with HAL finish
2 layers high frequency
PCB made of PTFE material
2 layers high frequency
PCB made of Rogers
RO4350 material
6 layer PCB made by
Rogers + FR4 material,
with blind via in layer
1-2(Rogers material),
3-6 (FR4 material)
6 layer PCB made by
Arlon 85N material,
with 3.5mil trace/space

Flowcharts for Rigid PCB 

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